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Yacht Design of NSM

Bet on creativity

Nothing is created, everything is transformed. If you want to give a boat a unique character, you need a professional who knows how to interpret your wishes and has the tools to give them a concrete shape.

Space is time

The new design software makes it possible to reconsider the potential of each space on board: thus changing also the quality of the time you spend on board.


Creativity, accessibility and sustainability in yacht design

Combining our skills and creativity with the ideals of sustainability and accessibility that inspire us every day: our mission is to create yacht design projects capable of projecting the owner into the future. A design compatible with the most advanced environmental policies does not exclude the possibility of obtaining maximum comfort from a boat: our search for the perfect solution for each owner or for each shipyard starts from this solid awareness.


New trends, insights and advice from the NSM team

The NSM team is made up of professionals from different areas: each of them shares a part of their experience in this blog, to offer free specialized insights to all those who – out of curiosity or for work – dedicate some time to refine their gaze on the world of sales and representation, digital marketing and yacht design in the nautical sector.


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