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Web Marketing Services of NSM

The most useful resources of digital marketing for your business

There are many ways to make the online presence of a business in the nautical sector productive, but the most important advice is only one: choose to be on a platform only if you can use it to the fullest.

Better not to be on Facebook at all than to have a poorly managed page. Better not to invest in the creation of a website if you do not plan to take care of its optimization and management to be found by potential customers.

From content creation to the choice of the tone of voice of your brand, from graphic identity to community management, from e-mail marketing to SEO optimization: a global strategy includes everything your business need and allows you to invest directly in activities that get results. More customers, more contacts, improvement of online reputation: you will indicate your business priorities, we will identify the most convenient way to achieve the results you want.

Social media strategy

Everything you need to make social media a real business resource


Optimization of your website and search engine marketing

Web design and management

Creation and management of websites, both showcase and e-commerce


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Tell what matters, with the right tone of voice

People don’t buy a product or a service: they buy a story. If there’s no story, your potential customers will lean towards the cheaper options. This is why it is important to rely on professionals for the production of texts, graphic concepts and ideas to best depict the unique value of your company. First of all we will have to know you: we will ask you to respond to periodic interviews, to share with our team any marketing material already present, and we will put at your disposal the professional photographers and videomakers of our network to create visual materials capable of describing your business to the public you are interested in, always remaining aligned with your business objectives.


A coherent and captivating image, both online and in person

A unique graphic identity on all promotional platforms (brochures, social networks, website, posters) is the first step to communicate seriousness and reliability to new potential customers. Native advertising, the use of mobile content, the increase of activities that we carry out every day on the web, impose on those who deal with marketing to develop graphic content that captures attention quickly, able to win the competition with the posts of your friends or with the title of an article that interests you.
All while preserving the identity characteristics of your logo, the tone of voice of your communication, the personality that distinguishes your brand. To be recognizable always, even at a quick glance.


Find your audience in the vast sea of social networks

Reaching “everyone” belongs to the past: reaching “some” is the present and the future of marketing. Our job is to find your target audience on social media and show them ads that emerge from the “background noise” that surrounds them. From the editorial plan to sponsored placements (Facebook & Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads), the certified professionals of the NSM team will take care of every aspect of your company’s presence on social networks. Facebook and Instagram provide companies with tools such as Business Manager, Pixel, Conversion API and Custom Audiences: setting them up correctly is essential to predict, measure and optimize the sales increase of every business that bets on social media.


No spam, just valuable content for every audience

Different contents should be addressed to the public who has never heard of a company and to those who already know it, who have already bought or who were about to do so. Why? Because their tendency to purchase is different (that is, they are located at different points of the “customer journey”). E-mail marketing is a very useful tool to give offers and differentiated previews to users who have already come into contact with the client company. No spam, just valuable content for each category of users (categorized according to their category: B2C, B2B, level of the sales funnel they stopped at, and so on). All collected contacts will be managed in compliance with the most up-to-date privacy regulations (including GDPR).


Eyes on the business card of the new millennium

The website is the business card of the new millennium: keeping it updated and graphically consistent with online and offline communication is fundamental to the reputation of any brand. In order to make your website a significant resource for your potential and acquired customers, the NSM team will take care in detail of the creation of a website perfectly integrated with social communication to connect the needs of your company with that of your target audience. Particular attention is paid to the features that will allow the site to be easily navigable, user friendly and predisposed to be updated with ease. Based on the business objectives, the most effective solutions will be identified to accompany the customer to the purchase.


Creating a website is not enough: you have to be found

Creating a website is not enough: you have to make sure that your potential customers find it easily. Often mistakenly used interchangeably, SEO and SEM are two different marketing channels that companies can use to reach their target audience on search engines: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential activity for companies that want to become more visible in the SERPs (search engine results pages). The SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the activity of sponsored placements on Google and other search engines: an NSM specialist is ready to optimize your company’s website from an SEO perspective and to design sponsored campaigns (Google Ads) that bring concrete results.


Managing integrated services requires the right tools

The management of integrated services requires a series of well-established tools: from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools to graphic design and design software, from typography services to monitoring and reporting platforms. Nautic Sales & Marketing has access to transversal facilities without which it would not be possible to offer an effective service on several fronts: to create content, measure results and generate quantitative and qualitative reports that effectively summarize the activity carried out, without frills and without forcing. Each member of the NSM team is constantly updated on emerging tools, dedicating a part of his time to testing activities and discussing with other professionals in his sector.


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